Education for the Deprived

Education has always been a critical element for a nation’s development, whether it comes to research, upgrading skills and ending the socio-economic divide. However, the education system has been affected due to recent events like a pandemic, Brexit, gender inequality and social inequality. There are an endless set of problems arising, which also brings opportunities for the designers.

The current education system is a result of combined a set of events from the past, whether it is the renaissance, industrial revolution, world war and pandemic. The system keeps evolving based on the events happening in the present. Education has evolved from being a prestige to a necessity.

However, looking at the current scenarios, underprivileged communities do not have access to proper educational infrastructure. Which affects dropouts at the school level and unemployment; this adds up to the socio-economic divide.

When I specifically looked into the Scottish education system, I found out various problems within the system. The government of Scotland is trying to curb this problem with the help of the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Education Scotland by bringing in programs like widening access, scholarships and much more.

Deprived areas of Glasgow

Comparision between highest deprived and lowest deprived areas

Service blueprint