Bha Là Eile Ann – Radiophrenia Glasgow 2020

Experimental immersive storytelling, produced for Radiophrenia Glasgow 2020. Made with field recordings from the Isle of Lewis and archive recordings from the Tobar An Dualchais archive, specifically The School of Scottish Studies Archive and The Campbell Collection in Canna. The list of contributors and recordists are as follows

SA1973.160 A changeling baby banished and the real baby restored
SA1976.109 A fisherman saw a mermaid sitting on a rock
SA1975.107 A man was changed into a woman and had a family before being…
SA1972.176. An Ataireachd Àrd
SA1957.041. Essie Stewart gives a description of a fairy she saw
SA1955.094 A woman was rescued from a cliff prison by her lover.
SA1957.043 The contributor discusses his fondness for storytelling.
SA1989.045 Santa Cruz
SA1964.067 The Shoals o Herrin
SA1971.072 Dh’fhàg mi ‘n Seo na Shìneadh e
SA1985.057 Unknown/Gypsy Woman


Betsy Whyte, Duncan MacKinnon, Essie Stewart, Alec Stewart,
Brucie Henderson, John James, Gordeanna McCulloch, Dolina Maclennan,
Thomas David Edgar


Peter Cooke, Jo Miller, Linda Williamson, Ian Paterson, Calum Maclean, Hamish Henderson, Margaret Bennet, Stephanie Smith, Norman Buchan

Bha Là Eile Ann