A Best Day

I have a lot of illusions about “tomorrow”. I hope that tomorrow I can finish the backlog of work, have time to quietly read, write, do exercises, etc. Just staring at the phone will make the gap between ideal and reality bigger and bigger. Only by doing it can you get closer and closer to your ideal life.

This project based on my day to day life. Directly show my definition of the best day, such as going to bed early and getting up early, studying and exercising. But when the alarm goes off, fatigue and laziness make yesterday’s plan impossible to get it done. So, I went back to bed, turned on her phone/tablet numbly, unknowingly went to bed, and then lay in bed and started making plans for tomorrow in her head.

In the process, I try to compare healthy positive events with unhealthy decadent events, such as using phone at breakfast and keeping an eye on the information on my phone while reading. And I am testing some colors and painting methods. I often use very bright rose pink to highlight the beauty of my imagination. I will continue this story in the future.