This was a collaborative project between myself and Christina Nadeau (Phd Researcher at the University of Oslo).

The project itself concluded with four conceptual books which I created in response to each article written by Christina Nadeau; exploring the sculptural elements as well as challenging the functionality of books, thus creating them into visual objects conveying a message.

The first article discusses our legacy and mark on our planet, and this prompted me to create my own paper, using natural and synthetic materials that explored those themes within the article. The pages were then bound together into a small booklet and buried.

The second article discusses our collective push for productivity, resulting in fast paced lives, quickly using up resources as well as resulting in our own burnout. For this I wanted to explore an interactive piece using heat sensitive inks, screen printed onto white acrylic sheets and placing them under hot lights during the filming process. The book was filmed over a period of time, as the inks slowly disappears.

The fourth article deals with water, looking into the rising sea temperatures and how coral has been reacting to this. The conceptual book made as a response to this, was created out of sheets of ice, that captured elements of the sea, such as micro plastics and debris. It also contained the neon and inky colours that the coral turns as it slowly dies away, before becoming completely bleached.

Our last and final article, dived into the predictions of our future skies discusses the change of our atmosphere and what our future could look like if things continue the way they are. For this book, the I wanted to focus on steam and water vapours that make up the clouds. Using this I filmed the steam interacting with text printed on clear acrylic and recorded the text as it emerges and quickly disappears.

I have provided a short trailer showing you sections of each video, which will be shown in full later this month at Salt-Space for our group show with my fellow peers on this Masters Course.

Trailer for Arret

Full length films of books will be shown at Lockdown Lemonade Exhibition on the 1st - 7th October.

Air Book

Water Book

Fire Book

Soil Book