A small place to bring candlelight to…

Alongside the publication, The New Normal? presented Gaia Tretmanis’ A small place to bring candlelight to…   

A deconstructed exhibition, A small place to bring candlelight to… displays the internals of Tretmanis’ practice through the documented construction of her work presented in The New Normal? Zine. An online experience, the exhibition included video, photography, sound, and light displays, offering an insight into an artist’s practice in a global pandemic. Just as we have been exposed to new and innovative sciences throughout the Pandemic, A small place to bring candlelight to… combined science, art, and innovation, creating an exclusive experience available for a limited run.

A small place to bring candlelight to...

The Online Exhibition, 2021

The correct climate, gaia tretmanis, 2019

The Correct Climate, Gaia Tretmanis, 2019

the online exhibition, 2021

"X marks the spot but flip it and it means addition or build up, elongate the bottom line and you have a religious symbol, round the edges and you might see stars" - Gaia Tretmanis, 2021

Neither running nor carrying love on my shoulders, Gaia Tretmanis, 2019-21

PVC, Aluminium Wire, Sugar, Gelatine, Human Hair, Fabric, Jewellery Chains, Beads, Plaster, Styrofoam, Steel, Resin, Pasta, Mould, Sound Activated LED circuits, Audio Track