Through pinhole photography, drawing, collage making and creative writing, Maja Liisberg Poulsen has created an installation of prints for her degree project, by using various print techniques including polymer, drypoint, etching, aquatint work, screen printing, photolithography and letterpress printing.

The prints are hanging from the ceiling and the display serves as a way to encounter the prints from all angles, to see the back of the prints, the texture of the paper. It’s an invitation to experience the work, as a narrative you can immerse yourself in. As you walk into the installation the prints are moving in the air.

The pinhole photos are created with shutter times of multiple minutes, layering lightwave on lightwave onto the photographic film. Like the prints in the installation are subtle wawing, the image captured is always in movement, like the ‘I’ in the texts continuously are moved or pushed to become something else.

The prints tell a story about rest and transformation and want us to celebrate the tiniest movements – of air, light, dust – as big events.