Dissolution / Ego death

The ego is part of our personality, it is a person’s conscious awareness of themselves. It is how we see ourselves and who we believe we are at any given moment. The fawn itself is a metaphor of the ego, weak and broken. It is the self itself trying to achieve psychological growth by accepting reality and letting go of previous believes, and letting the ego dissolve. (Plaster, textile)


In my practice for many of my work, I drew inspiration from nature. The materials and processes are all part of my methodology. I think of my work sometimes like a conversation between specific (but not too directly expressed) concepts, and the results of accidents or experiments. In this piece, my main inspiration was corals in their natural abstract forms, and our current problem with coral bleaching. (Red and white limestone)


In this work symbolizes the deprivation of liberty. The piece is about finding something underneath the surface, that is only visible after it has broken. Exposing and revealing internal oppressive forces and capabilities, situations triggered by pressure. (Plaster, crystals)


The first version of a sculpture, using casts of disproportionate mannequin legs. Reflecting on the controversy of beauty standards and unrealistic expectations for women, that has created many unhealthy body images in today's society. In my work, the Body and absence / Unrealistic reality, I tried to reflect on these social issues and thoughts about body-positivity. (Plaster, marble dust, graphite)