Edible Scraps

Many foods and their scraps can be used again, but people throw them away deeming them useless. Under-utilisation of food leads to an increased demand for food and this increased demand for food leads to an increase in food production. The increase in food production means that more land is needed for the growth of foods, and more machinery and labour is needed for their production. As a result of over-cultivation and overproduction, the environment becomes increasingly depleted and polluted. This depleted and polluted environment limits the land and agricultural resources available for farming and significantly reduces food production, some food is now endangered. If people continue to under-utilise food we will continue in this vicious circle.

Edible Scraps is a publication which shows how to cook 9 common foods with useful scraps: banana peels, beet greens, carrot tops, celery leaves, cucumber skin, onion skin, orange peels, potato peels and watermelon rind. An accompanying website has also been produced to facilitate immediate reading and access so more people can learn about utilising scraps and therefore prevent more food from going to waste.