MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Wanqing Xu(wan) (she/her)

Wanqing Xu (wan)

Focusing on the theme of “people” and creates artworks in oil and mixed media.

“I and you”, “you and you”, “me and I”.

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by people, I love talking to them and listening to them. A great tool for the world.

The popularity of covid-19 has had a huge impact on the world. To be safe, we need to have less contact with others. More time is spent with ourselves. People need to focus more on themselves and less on an online world full of unreality.

In my final presentation, I turned my attention to myself.

“I’m standing right here.”
Perhaps you can see part of the real me in it.

“Do you really know yourself?”

In this society.
Everyone needs to focus on themselves.




Part of me

Part of me

2021|Mixed media painting with clay and plaster


“Who am I”

who am I

Watercolor,Ink On Paper

polaroid ver.

Watercolor, Oil, Ink On Paper
Oil, Pencil, Mark On Paper
Oil On paper
Dry media On Paper