MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art


My work looks at diaspora of the global majority through history to the present day. Using personal, current and historical events, my interests lie in the ill-treatment of the “other” and the manifestation of its forms.

Through the mediums of printing, drawing and painting, I use these mediums to understand and interpret my own thoughts and research of the physical and psychological upheaval of this global majority.

I work with the materiality and properties of the mediums to explore ways of communicating in an intuitive and empathetic manner.

I am a member Salt Space Co-operative, Transmission Gallery and Edinburgh Printmakers. I will be working from my studio at Euro-central provided EP Spaces.




Across the river

Maniere noir

Shelter...for a while

Maniere noir


Oil painting

Slave hut 1

Wood cut

Slave hut 2

Wood cut

Slave hut 3

Wood cut