MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Mengtian Wang (fashion designer & artist)

Hi everyone, I am interested in the concept of PRIMITIVENESS and it is my theme throughout the whole year. I was influenced by the book The Preference for the Primitive a lot, which brought me ideas to explore further. My scope is really wide, goes from the visual language of the Primitive, conflicts between primitive instincts and civilization, to the Chinese philosophy of Zhuangzi.

Welcome to my page!

1. Landscape in Heart
2. Rubbish Container
3. Dream Eyes
4. Hidden under the leaves

1. Landscape in Heart

Natural landscapes are engraved in people’s hearts and flow in our blood, even though we are now extremely alienated from nature…

Landscape in Heart

printed paper, epoxy resin bases, debris, 45*80cm

epoxy resin bases with debris


pick from ruins


2. Rubbish Container

A confrontation doomed to failure. Like madness, garbage is distressing as a product of civilization. Objects with subdivided functions lose their perceived functions and become garbage. I want to fight, I reject the definition of rubbish, I try to find a new place for them. However, the failure of the struggle was doomed, and these objects were eventually packed in bags and taken home.

Rubbish Container-00

Is there any other ways to conduct daily rubbish?

Rubbish Container-02

Rubbish Container-01

Rubbish Container-04

Rubbish Container-05

3. Dream Eyes

In my dream, there are eyes and hands. Sneaking into the dream secretly, the eyes are the passage, and the hands are getting bigger and bigger. Illness and bad thoughts become light and fluttering in dreams. I became the real me.

Dream eyes-01

arylic on paper, A1

Dream Eyes

arylic on paper, A1

drawing diary

subconscious drawing diary

Dream Eyes - film clipping

4. Hidden under the leaves

The legend of hidden ghosts under the leaves and the Danxia landform of Dunhuang inspired me to express the image of the unity of nature and man.

Hidden under the Leaves

dryer ink, draft

a space with Chinese banana tree