MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Mengran Feng (digital artist, non-binary)


Mengran Feng is a photographer and digital artist living in Glasgow and China. She uses multi-media of photography, animation, video, audio and installation to create artworks with unique style. Her focus on exploring the future possibilities between virtual space and physical world. Her recent works question our established concept in the evolving network society, and discuss the symbiotic relationship between human, digital and ecological environment.


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, New Media Art, 2014-2018

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Master of Fine Art, Experimental Art, 2019-2022

The Glasgow School of Art, Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice, Photography & MI, 2020-2021

Non-natural Alienation

Non-natural Alienation

The line between the physical world and the digital world is becoming blurred. Rapid digitization is changing the natural environment. It is changing the way we observe, understand and interact with ecosystems.

What will our future look like? What will the relationship between technology products with us if it is independent life form? How we integrate with technology? Will we be happy or sad? These questions opened the door to my works. It will be about the imagination of the future world, the imagination of the future life form, the imagination of the modern people’s optimism and worry.