MSc Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy School of Simulation & Visualisation

Joanne Barton (She/Her)

I practice as a Designer, Visual Anthropologist and Photographer, gathering expertise and versatility to encourage my abilities, critically reflect and develop transferable strengths for further prospects. I aim to continue to nourish my abilities by exploring other areas of design, photography, anthropology, clinical/forensic cases, medical illustration, interactive application development for web, Android and iOS, communicative imagery, writing, printing, production co-ordination, digital visualisation, publication creation, curation, poetry, patient care and charity work, motivating other facilities to take collaborative action with one another.

I have a conceptual and analytical design approach, aside biomedical comprehension, that was established during an MSc at the University of Glasgow, in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy. Adept photographic and design knowledge was acquired throughout personal projects and at the University of South Wales and the Glasgow School of Art.

Contextualising art using methodologies built for communicative design whilst working diagnostically, the contrast has enabled me to recognise ambiguity and develop an extensive interest within designing work towards the crossovers of culture, science, psychology, and art; all whilst sharing a coherent attentiveness to human study.

Online Portfolio
Oncofertility App

Oncofertility App

Oncofertility – Android mobile application, built upon a collaborative design approach, to help support the specified audience of young people who are facing cancer and related fertility preservation options.

Focusing on patient experience and communication, the project aims to confront the patient information gap and provide an appropriate platform that supports their choices and aids their confidence moving forward with fertility preservation aside their cancer therapy.

Find unlisted video pitch here:



Full application development following a user-centred/patient approach, inclusive of the following were each accomplished:

  • Requirement analysis (SysML)
  • Collaborative design
  • Artistic direction
  • UI/UX development
  • Application content (icons/illustrations, accurate medical content)
  • Software development (C# coding)
  • Full prototype (GooglePlay, WebGL) for beta testing
  • Conclusive data analysis (for usability and learnability, through qualitative and quantitive methods)

Oncofertility App - Jo Barton

Oncofertility Logo - Jo Barton