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Darren Robertson

Darren Robertson is a game maker based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Darren Robertson graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 2017 and then went on to work as a web developer.

Darren Robertson was unable to ignore his obsession with games and so studied it at Glasgow School of Art.

Darren Robertson is primarily a programmer, but is also interested in 3D modelling, and audio.

Darren Robertson has explored digital games in various forms in the last year: a serious game about the Scots language, a recreation of the classic Twister game in virtual reality, and experimentation with “alternative controllers” created by himself, Darren Robertson.

Darren Robertson's other games
Alternative Controller Research
Cube Escape (VR)

Alternative Controller Research

My masters research focused on the topic of Alt.Ctrl games and the community of developers and artists that create them. Alt.Ctrl games are played with an alternative controller, meaning any type of controller that deviates in design from the mass produced gamepad design. Alternative controllers can be custom made, or be an existing input device that has been repurposed.

Initial research found that the academic literature on the subject was sparse, therefore this project involved conducting primary research via a survey, with the aim to further the understanding of Alt.Ctrl. Prominent members of the Alt.Ctrl scene participated and provided valuable information on their craft and the community that has organised around Alt.Ctrl.

In addition to the survey, a variety of alternative controllers and games were prototyped. The two custom controllers, and the repurposed midi keyboard, demonstrate how Alt.Ctrl games can offer unique game experiences.

See the linked video below for footage of the prototypes and a summary of the overall findings of the research.


Blethers is a short narrative game exploring the linguistic tension of the Scots language in modern day Scotland. Split up into six narrative vignettes, the player has the choice to speak English or Scots, affecting the outcome and your relationship to teachers, friends, family and potential employers.

Characters in the game speak in either Scots or English, which can be translated both ways. Not only does this make Scots accessible to non-Scot speakers, it also gives an idea of how a given English sentence would look in Scots.

Cube Escape (VR)

Cube Escape is a reimagining of the classic Twister game in virtual reality. The game is comprised of three levels, each with its own audiovisual theme.