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Chandelle Waugh (She/Her)



Chandelle Waugh (b.1998, Stirling, UK) graduated from her BA Honours in sculpture with a first class degree in 2020, with a notable solo show held at Whitespace Edinburgh, Funeral for a F*ckboy. Returning to Glasgow in 2020/21 to endevour on her masters studies.

Through an autobiographical practice Waugh aims to unpick the fundamental challenges of the female experience, opening conversation and normalising the topics once taboo. Through creating raw, unedited, work she hopes to create empathetic relationships, provoking emotional responses.

These works centre around finding power through vulnerability, through the investigation of domestic abuse analysing her own experience, mending wounds by opening her own. Exploring themes of dehumanisation and power vs vulnerability she aimed to untangle the more hidden aspects of domestic abuse, psychological manipulation, degradation and control. By dissecting gendered environments, creating juxtapositions between delicacy and brutality she estabilishes the relationship between object and response. Creating analogical relationships helps bridge the gap between what you are seeing and how you are feeling, allowing more control over how feelings are perceived.

Love Bomb
Fruit of the Womb

Love Bomb

Sand bag body, explosion of tools, steel table, 2021

121x182x91 cm








Love Bomb reflects the aftermath of an abusive relationship, a physical representation of how the mental manipulation of love bombing can affect a person. Small acts of psychological abuse slowly over time, degrades your self worth, as you are being metaphorically ripped apart limb from limb. A sandbag body mirrors the weight women carry around placed by a society where they are constantly battling the male gaze. Love bomb aims to visualise a truth that demands this attention away from the ideal, the fragmented body fights against the patriarchal visualisations of women, taking away from the gaze and owning our own bodies, being powerful through our vulnerability.



Love bomb

For Sale: Price on request

Fruit of the Womb

Steel cot, glass strawberry, knitted blanket 2021

30x40x108 cm





Fruit of the womb is a manifestation of an abortion, inspired by Norse goddess Frigga and the story of how she conceals children, who die in infancy, inside strawberries, together with the comparison of fruit to foetus size. This work draws the audience in with the delicate glass object surrounded by a steel, prison like, structure. Creating a thought provoking environment allowing the audience to feel and subsequently, opening up conversation surrounding this taboo subject.​