Usher: One that Shows the Way

Usher: One that Shows the Way is a pilot project investigating barriers young people face accessing the traditional gallery space. The main outcome is a thirty-two-page publication which consists of twelve different activities for young people to carry out before, during and after their gallery visit. It takes a pedagogical approach as I aim to discover what we as practitioners can do to make our spaces more inclusive to those who do not currently utilise them. It is informed through discussions with people who are not typically interested in the arts and uses play as a methodology to engage. Activity books and games are usually aimed at children, so the publication hopes to continue the act of playing in later life. The project uses the comfortability of familiarity to relate the art to the user’s everyday. The activity pack is free for anyone to use, please contact if you would like one.

To view the book in full go to, or contact to receive an audio/large text version.

Sam M Harley, 1, Completed Pack

Completed Pack

Example of page, Object Match

Example of Page, Spot the Instagrammer

Example of Page, Spot the Instagrammer

Example of page, Phones Out

Series of completed packs