The New Normal? Zine

An adaptive environment that evolves as we do. A societal anchor of security and assurance.

An individual experience.

The New Normal? is an Art and Science Zine, emulating the heightened fusion of virus science and pandemic culture by considering the collective and individual journey of ‘the new normal’.

Government rules and regulations aim to curate a liveable but simulated life while the battle with the virus continues. Humans are gripping desperately to the hope that a future resembling pre-covid life is attainable. This simulated reality and its limitations on society have created a grander appreciation for the small moments in life. The impact of the virus on our loved ones, society, and culture has made us prioritise differently. However, it has also resulted in an idealisation of pre covid life and its post-pandemic potential. Life in 2019 is portrayed as a utopian dream, not fully appreciated when we lived through it. Coronavirus has warped the human gauge for reality; we are no longer sure of ‘life as usual’; life is not usual; therefore, we must imagine life out with a pandemic.

Displaying seven Bio and Body Artists, The New Normal? Zine offers a collection of ideas, expressing art-science practices and their pandemic development and encouraging its contributors and viewers to consider their own new normal.

The New Normal? Zine

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