Protest Cookbook

Protest Cookbook is a design concept of the community that helps citizens transform their individual acts of resistance into a collective and shared protest. The idea is an outcome of my design-led exploration into the post-pandemic futures of protest. Building upon the analysis of the self-intelligent and organic structures of contemporary social movements, the project seeks to ask: when does disobedience become a protest? What makes a successful protest? How can design allow individuals to become multiple? How can multiplication be achieved without being together in one space and one time?

Protest blueprints

Analysing the phases of growth and the structure of social movements through secondary research and interviews with activists showed the analogy between protest and open source format. As I was mapping the stories of resistance shared by my interviewees, I realised that the main component of protest's success is multiplication. It gives a collective aspect to the acts of resistance transforming them into contagious, organic, leaderless and self-driven movements.

Community structure

Protest Cookbook community consists of citizens who co-create an evergrowing open-source collection of protest recipes and is curated by creative practitioners who sustain the communication platform and facilitate the process of community building.

Protest Cookbook community manifesto

The system of shared values was co-designed during participatory engagements in order to signpost the ethical foundation for establishing the community of protesters.


Working prototype of the main communication platform.