Ozwomp’s Voyage in Cyberspace

This is an imaginary metaverse made of all the worlds I worked on during my time at the GSA.

Here you will observe Ozwomp (a crocodile donut) as he is created and dropped into cyberspace. During his travels there will be strange and sometimes sinister places, do not fear though, Ozwomp with his arms wide open to the wonder of existence will meet no evil.


Worlds Ozwomp visits in chronological order:

  • Melonking.Net (2016~) landing page of the website
  • Yonkrip Gate (2020) – from the web game Ozwomp is Arriving
  • The Ozway (2020) – from Ozwomp Online, collaboration with SSS
  • Icona City (2019) – from Iconadrive a collaboration with COB
  • Snake Room (2020) – an in class 3D modelling project
  • Crow Island (2017) – my first web based 3D world
  • MoMG Gallery (2021) – a 3D simulation of a 2D website
  • Tornado Island (2019) – from the mini game My Little Tornado