Dialogue in Disguise

Dialogue in Disguise is a site-specific theatre design derived from highlighting the interchanging character-audience relationships between occupants of a public space. It frames Glasgow’s Charing X Railway Station as a proscenium and capitalises on its horizontally changing landscape. It develops direct and indirect interactions amongst occupants and the built environment through the use of visual cues that generate a sense of familiarity.

The research studies situations in terms of staged furniture set ups, materiality and textures, rhythmic movements, views and lights to highlight unintentionally formed relationships in public places. It creates a metaphorical theatre that then places these familiar elements to develop dialogues in disguise.

Site model
Charing X isometric
Scenographies at Glasgow's Charing X
Character-audience relationships at Glasgow's Charing X
Scenographies at Glasgow's Charing X
Iterations reflecting familiarity to design a site-specific theatre
Site-specific theatre reflecting familiar and speculative visual cues to create dialogues in disguise
See - Kinaesthetic choreography
Walk through - Speculative dialogue
Reveal - Dialogue in disguise